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Senior Adults

Senior Adults

Acute Senior Adult Psychiatric Services

Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital’s acute senior adult program provides intensive psychiatric treatment and medication stabilization for older adults who experience acute mental status change. Symptoms can occur as the result of significant life changes, such as the death of a spouse, loss of mobility, financial hardship and loss of independence. Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital treats seniors living with debilitating anxiety, depression, agitation, paranoia, fearfulness, hallucinations and other symptoms. Additionally, individuals who present a clear a present danger to themselves or others as a result of various forms of dementia are treated through this unit. Finally, chemical dependency and detoxification services are provided in our older adult programs, including for alcohol, opiates and/or prescription medications.

Seniors admitted to Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital’s acute senior adult program are treated by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a senior adult psychiatrist, social workers, nurses and registered dietitians. Each patient is provided with an individualized treatment plan specifically addressing the most relevant issues. The focus of this program is to quickly assess the medical and behavioral needs of each patient and guide the individual to healthier and more effective coping strategies.

While in treatment, each patient is seen daily by a psychiatrist. First for an initial evaluation, and subsequently for medication checkups and behavioral progression towards treatment objectives. Therapeutic groups are provided daily as a part of the holistic treatment model.

In addition to psychiatric services, Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital also provides 28-day chemical dependency treatment for seniors.