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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Personalized Behavioral Health Services in Conway, SC

Start a journey to a better life at Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital. We provide personalized behavioral health services in Conway, SC, for individuals living with mental illness and/or addiction issues. We also treat people undergoing emotional crises.

With the assistance of our staff, each patient develops individual goals which are monitored, reviewed, and changed in response to the patient’s progress. Patients set a goal each morning and report on the achievement of that goal in the evening.

What We Offer

When you or a loved one is struggling with mental illness or addiction, turn to us. We offer a range of programs targeting different needs, including:

  • Acute Adolescent Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services
  • Acute Adult Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services
  • Acute Adult Dual Diagnosis Services
  • Acute Senior Adult Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services
  • Adult Detoxification Unit
  • Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Program

To find out which of our programs is the best fit for you or a loved one, reach out to our admissions staff . We’ll schedule a face-to-face appointment to discuss concerns, determine needs, and outline the eligibility criteria and admissions process.

Daily Activities for Healing

Each of our programs provides a highly structured daily schedule. Throughout the day, patients will attend individual and group therapy, participate in recreational therapy and leisure activity groups, and see the physician. They are also provided time for self-reflection, meditation, and journaling. In addition to these daily activities, our other behavioral health services include:

  • Family Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Detoxification

Our Guiding Objectives

Here at Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital, we strive to be a guiding light for adolescents, adults, and seniors struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues. We believe that anyone can make lasting positive changes with the right resources; our mission is to provide those resources to you via targeted psychiatric treatment.

Every patient has their own unique goals. However, our staff members also have goals for our patients. Our objectives include:

  • To improve coping and social skills
  • To increase patient understanding of the illness
  • To provide support to families through education and counseling
  • To provide a comprehensive discharge plan

Contact us to learn more about our treatments or request a no cost behavioral health assessment. We’re located in Conway, South Carolina, and treat patients from throughout the surrounding area.