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Acute Adult Dual-Diagnosis Services

Acute Adult Dual-Diagnosis Services

The Adult Dual-Diagnosis program at Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital is designed for the treatment of individuals who meet the criteria for both a chemical dependency (substance abuse) diagnosis as well as a mental health disorder, which requires medically supervised inpatient treatment. The focus of this program is to quickly assess the medical and behavioral needs of each patient, provide detoxification and psychiatric interventions, and guide the individual to healthier, more effective coping strategies that promote a lifestyle free from substance use.

  • We serve adults with acute co-existing disorders. Patient can be voluntary or involuntary.
    • (“White Papers” and “Pink Papers” accepted for involuntary commitments.)
  • There must be a diagnosis of chemical dependency or the co-existent diagnoses of chemical dependency and a psychiatric disorder. For assessments and referrals, call us at (843) 347-8871.
  • Patient must be medically stable.


Acute Adult Dual-Diagnosis Services Video

Watch our video describing our Acute Adult Dual-Diagnosis Services.